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A library of Tactile copies of historic art to borrow from
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Art At Your Fingertips, a non-profit organisation, reproduces famous pictures in a tactile form for the benefit of people with visual impairment and their sighted companions.

The pictures in the library are created with embroidery and a wide range of fabrics selected to provide suitable textures for each interpreted work, revealing to the touch the contrast between each different colour.

A summary of each picture is supplied both on audio cassette and in Braille.

The pictures currently available for hire to organisations and individuals are displayed by clicking on the Gallery link and information about hiring them is found by clicking on Library.

Gallery News

AAYF are pleased to provide tactile interpretations for the National Galleries of Scotland 2010
Art Competition for Schools which can now be seen on
The Gallery
please click here to e.mail for further details.

AAYF exhibited some work at the 2009 Fizzers' Exhibition in Glasgow. You can click here to read some visitors' comments
and hear Insight Radio's Mikey Hughes'
and Playback's Peter Fraser's interviews
with Helen


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Gallery Tips On Touch "Thanks to..." Library