The Fizzers Exhibition 2009
in Glasgow proved a greatsuccess. The images on loan from the Art At Your Fingertips library attracted a great deal of attention. Some of the visitor comments were:

*I loved the fabric caricatures, very different.
* 3D portraits are very bonnie!
* The best pictures are the touch ones, I like the feeling, some felt soft some felt hard!
* The 3D fabric/embroidery realisations are fantastic.
* I liked the 3D drawings they are really funny.
* Excellent, Art At Your Fingertips a great idea.
* The translations into textile designs were very well done
and deserve recognition in their own right.

Click here to hear an interview between
Helen and Mikey Hughes from RNIB's Insight Radio
about her interpretations of six of the Fizzers' pictures on display.

Click here to download an illustrated talk between
Helen and Peter Frazer from
about her work at the Fizzers' Exhibition 2009 at the People's Palace.

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